Leaving on the 15th….

Hey guys, not sure how many of you actually go to the website regularly: http://wanderlust-japan.com/

Or how many of you have read the “about” page, but as of August 15th, I will no longer be the one running the site, I was hired by a Japanese company to create something for them that would be informative and fun for foreign visitors to Japan. This was why I made the site. I am leaving the company, and this unfortunately means I have to leave my baby (the site). 

I am not exactly sure what is going to happen to the site. I actually want it to continue because I don’t want to see something I put so much time and effort into become useless….

Anyway, if you happened to have enjoyed my drawings or commentary on Japan you can look at my fb page (I just made) because it will have updates on the new website. It is going to be more personal with more anecdotal stories about life/culture in Japan, but will also feature some stuff from my travels around Japan as well!



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